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Whether your team is big or small, well-established or just starting out, STRATEGIC PLANNING is essential for long term sustainability. Creating a Strategic Plan that serves as the playbook for you and your team to achieve your Vision is no small task. Your plan needs to be strong enough to serve as a backbone, but flexible enough to allow you to adapt to ever-changing demands during implementation. Given the complexity and significance of such an undertaking, let us draw on our expertise and experience to help you produce focused, high quality, and actionable plans.


PROCESS AUDITS focus on creating value and eliminating waste for all relevant stakeholders, both internal and external. Our expert ability to ask the right questions and to respectfully challenge the status quo often produces powerful insights that can be leveraged to achieve simple, yet beneficial improvements. Having a fresh set of eyes challenge stakeholders to begin thinking outside of the box can help to launch you and your team to the forefront of sustainable innovation.


Change is inevitable, and CHANGE MANAGEMENT is one of the single most important challenges that all businesses face on a daily basis. We believe that People are your most important asset and for that reason, they are our focus when it comes time to plan for and implement Change. By leveraging our experience as Change Agents and Merger & Acquisition Integration Specialists, we can help you and your team successfully plan for and embrace the What, Why, When, and How associated with sustainable Change.


Access to DATA ANALYTICS can be a game-changing competitive advantage for you and your team. However, generating a tangible return on your investment into analytics is far more complicated than most will admit or even realize. Whether you already have access to "Big Data" or are just beginning to explore ways of getting it, let us help you leverage the information and tools to generate the greatest returns and avoid costly "analysis paralysis". Our team has proven experience in DATA ANALYTICS and possesses expert abilities to identify insights, explore solutions, and implement fact-driven, actionable business decisions to achieve desired results.


Designing and implementing SALES SOLUTIONS that focus on creating value is of utmost importance when it comes to selling successfully. Listening to and collaborating with customers allows us to understand their known (and sometimes unknown) needs, to which we can then create and provide relevant and sustainable offerings. With our proven expertise and extensive network of contacts across multiple industries, we are able to help you refine your existing sales approach, create a new process entirely from scratch, or even provide customized Independent Sales Representative services. Unlike traditional product-pushing sales folks, we combine customer-focus, flexibility, collaboration, structure, accountability, and technology to help you deliver what your competition simply can't.


Regardless of industry size, type, or geography, making sure that a project is completed correctly, on time, and within budget is the ultimate mission of every project manager. Clearly defining a project's goals, tasks, action-owners, schedules, resources, and milestones is critical to consistent and successful PROJECT MANAGEMENT. In addition, communication, accountability, and disciplined execution, combined with logical and calculated flexibility, will help to ensure optimal success with each project. From ERP/CRM Conversions or Implementations and Building Renovations to Asset Management and Mergers & Acquisitions, we are well equipped to bring a diversified set of skills and experiences to handle even the most complex of projects.


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McKinnon Shisko, Principal

As both a business leader and a consultant, McKinnon's focus on People, Process, and Technology has been crucial to helping organizations achieve significant and sustainable bottom line results. His innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge, combined with his unique abilities to think creatively and to respectfully challenge the status quo, have all been major keys to McKinnon's success. By listening to the voice of the customer, McKinnon pioneered sales for multiple new product lines as well as managed and improved multi-million-dollar integrated supply accounts with several Fortune 500 Companies as his clients. He also led the acquisition, on-boarding, complete warehouse and office renovation, wireless warehouse implementation, and full ERP conversion of a $35M+ company. Additionally, McKinnon spear-headed the implementation of an actionable data analytics campaign that was focused on improving supply chain processes, behaviors, and performance. Guiding individuals and teams to think big picture, take calculated risks based on facts, and innovate by challenging their traditional-based behaviors ultimately led to profit improvements for all stakeholders. McKinnon has also been a Regional Business Leader for a $70M+ business unit where he was jointly responsible for both sales and operations. As a leader and a consultant, he is highly skilled at establishing a culture of accountability, creating clarity around mutual expectations, monitoring team and individual progress towards goals, and removing barriers to success. Exemplifying the significance of his impact as a leader, McKinnon was recognized as a recipient of the 2016 tED’s 30 under 35 Awards in the Electrical Distribution Industry and was featured on the front cover of the Association’s nationally published tED Magazine. Willing, able, and at-the-ready to leverage his diverse experiences, McKinnon is passionate about helping organizations and teams effectively and efficiently achieve their desired results.



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Client Testimonials

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"McKinnon is currently working on a profit improvement project for our company. He addressed the issues in a matter of fact manner and helped us develop a realistic project plan. He is serving as a guide, advisor, and mentor to our project team. He wisely told us upfront that changing our operating culture would be difficult to do and needed to be addressed by top management head-on. He is helping us accomplish this challenging project in a professional and straight forward way. McKinnon is a great asset to our team and I would highly recommend his services."

Doug Young, President Behler-Young Company
“Big data is very interesting, but positive results come from making it actionable. McKinnon has proven to be an invaluable partner on our journey to leverage the data in order to yield improved profitability.”
Bob Dill, President & CEO Hisco Inc.

"McKinnon excels at identifying obstacles to forward movement and providing solutions to remove the obstacles. He is consistent with communication, and when you are working with him, he is your biggest advocate. He wants to see you succeed, and is a great resource to have on the road to success. He is a wealth of knowledge and provides useful tools for communicating initiatives to the field/company. He also is a great sounding board when you run into issues – he is honest and kind in his constructive criticism or when providing guidance."

Kate Sherman, Pricing Analyst & Tom Parks, Inventory and Pricing Manager Behler-Young Company

"After working with McKinnon on many projects over several years, I can tell you that he brings a collaborative spirit to every situation. McKinnon can respectfully challenge individuals and teams at every level of an organization, on what he perceives as inefficiencies, assumptions of the status quo, or culture of that organization. He has an amazing work ethic and I can assure you that McKinnon will offer you a plan to improve your profitability, and he will drive the accountability of the organization to implement and maintain that profit improvement plan."

Lora Jones, President OneSource Supply Solutions

"Mr. Shisko worked with the Charleston Water System over a period of several months to pilot a new product for use in the wastewater collection industry. During this period, he partnered with our staff to fully understand current problems and determine how to best address performance gaps. He was a pleasure to work with, exhibiting excellent follow through and attention to detail. He demonstrates excellent communication and people skills, and seeks to add value to the organization."

Baker Mordecai, Director Wastewater Collection Department Charleston Water System

"Over the two year period that I had the pleasure of working with McKinnon, I grew to not only respect him, but to count on him. His attitude is infectious, and his work ethic – well its different than just willing to put in the hard work – but rather he enjoys helping and learning, and long hours appear effortless because he is clearly doing what he loves to do. As a senior Sales Account Representative I am entrusted with some of our most important customer relationships. These relationships that I have been nurturing for 18 years are extremely important to me, but without exception every engagement that McKinnon was involved in was more positive because of it. I grew to trust McKinnon to work directly with my long time contacts and I found that my customers had the same positive experience when working with him. Our time working together was both beneficial and enjoyable so it goes without saying that I’m confident others will find their experiences with McKinnon to be positive as well."

Travis Tiner, Senior Sales Account Representative OneSource Distributors


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